how to identify the market type

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  1. trending market or directionless market

    how to identify it

    can you share the idea ?

    thank you
  2. Market Profile - google it
  3. joesan


    Simple MA comibnation.
  4. porge


    no market is or chop all she wrote......
  5. Joab


    Stand up, take 6 steps back ... look at your screen.
  6. trend lines... daily and weekly chart view
  7. Fractal


    A look at where the market opens and moves in relation to yesterday's range (within the body or outside).

    Standard support/resistance lines.

    ADX above or below 30, if your settings match your time frame.
  8. robinxing,

    I posted a link that may be able to be used in other is designed for Forex. It is a not the traditional approaches, suggested thus far.

    This is not a quick usable answer to your query, but it could be accurate, with the help of some programmers.

    Michael B.


  9. Very good question. How does a trader identify wether a market will trend that particular day or wether a market will be neutral.

    Start by looking at the price elasticty of the most significant period of the trading day.
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    No but yes.

    Yes but no.

    On what timeframe?

    Trend for that day. If it is an inside day by virtue of the previous day's close it could still be a "trend day" but still be an inside day versus a breakout to new highs. Are there ever new lows? Timeframe matters.

    And the short answer is you can tell a trend day at the market close.

    But yes there are some characteristics of the markets which telegraph the liklihood of strong directional movement. VOLUME.
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