How to hold longer-term swing trades when theres steep drop???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. ALoha im more of a scalper than swing trade, hold my trades few mins to few hours max normally.

    However im in a big sell on dow (dec 16th contract).

    Got in at 8725, target 8426...

    However its fallen 100points straight this morning barley more than 10point pullback at anytime.

    I cashed in 1x, got bac in at lower price so lost money on that and lost money as i had to ay sread again.. :(

    (im in uk so use a spreadbetting firm, and its a 9poinst spread, and i trading at £8 per point).

    The problem im having is when liek today is see that steep drop hwo do you not cash in, and try getting sell back in from higher level at pullback???

    Instead of sitting wathcing it drop steeply, then pullback, so watch your profit lower??? :confused: :(
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    Well to answer you headline question

    In a bear market, i have made money in minutes;
    but nothing compared to weeks & months/wisdom , or days.But position size is a key, business exspenses [losses occur]

    Looks like the cash [symbol DIA] is going lower long term;
    but since we are way over due for a fierce bear rally,
    & first & last week of month maybe bear rally.Not so bearish now, even though its a bear market, sure.

    Theoreticaly, all should be able to make lots more day trading or scalping . But most of money made is not day trading ;
    its made swing/position trading/investing. Sure market makers... do well fast trading..................................................................
  3. Not theoretically but truthfully you do make more successfully scalping. It's just the majority of traders are not sclapers.

    Spanish. If you believe in the overall trend and swing your buying into then you should be fine. When i use to weekly swing trade i would not even look at where my trade went for the first day or two because i know i wouldn't hit the exact best price. I trusted the overall trend and i knew i was buying into a weekly swing that goes with the same direction of the rest of the market.

    The only way you will be screwed on the trade is if somehow the entire market reverses. That only happens once in a main trend so out of the 20 or so profitable swing setups you have through out the main trend your chances of buying into the swings and having the market reverse on you are low.
  4. Its just i had sold dow on friday cos saw the rally was gna crash...

    Had set target at 8367 (dow dec 16th contract)

    Had entered sell from 8725, and at £8 per point so should have made about £2,300 after spread costs.

    However i kept fucking up and cashing in when i saw it crash 100points straight, then 150, then 190....

    The more and more it feel straight the more it made me think itd have to have atleast a 30points pullback coming, but so i kept missing out!! :(

    Final trade was taken out at 8458 (target for that trade ahd been set at 8426)..,
    and after that market feel to 8367 without me. :(

    So i missed nearly half teh profit from this trade that i would have if id just left it from the start