How to hide a hard drive?

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I need help from tech gurus here.
    I want to install 2 hard drives IDE and SATA in one computer (both using XP Pro). One I want to use for testing applications and general internet browsing, and second for work (very clean).

    No what I need is to make one hard drive invisible to the system when I boot and work from the second one and vice versa… I mean using separate hard drives instead of 2 separate computers.

    Appreciate your help.
  2. i think you can rig an extra power switch for each drive. just turn on the one you want. never tried it but read it will work.
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    not easily done. Better to use VMware and create a virtual machine under that. Use the Virtual machine for development as graphics performance is a lot slower.

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    removable hard drive
  5. jim c

    jim c

    This is the same setup I have at home. It works great. I am amazed at how fast the "work" hard drive boots up. My buddy from work helped me set it up so Im not much help. I can tell you that when I boot up the computer it will prompt me to choose a drive. It will default to non work hard drive after 25 seconds. The whole thing was about 90 bucks to setup and well worth it. Good luck. Jim
  6. jim c

    jim c

    Just wanted to buddy originally recommended an external drive. I had some problems specific to my machine that would not allow this. So maybe an external is the way to go. Jim
  7. Hi Jim,

    Does your setup make it both drives accessible or one at a time (like I explained)?

    Can you ask your friend how to set it up, or at least where can I read about it?
  8. jim c

    jim c

    Once you boot up a drive, either one, I believe you can access the other drive as far a programs and files. I dont do this due simple because my "work" drive is really clean and i dont want to take the chance of picking up a virus or something by accident. (from the NON work drive) As you can probably tell I am very computer illiterate (but working on it) so take what I say witha grain of salt. I will ask my buddy basically what he did to set it up but hes not around right now. Im sure someone on here will be able to help you more than I can. good luck and I will try to respond tomorrow if you dont have an answer by them. Jim
  9. This is exactly my point and concern, but I want to go further and make it invisible and unaccessible from one drive to another. I mean the drive I boot up my system from is the only accessible drive.
  10. Get a (USB) HD . Load all your work and AV on-to your (USB-HARD-DRIVE) And plug it in when and where you want . Simply put all your info on-to a small drive which is portable and use-it when and where you want ,Mine has been all over europe and works fine in all locations .


    p.s Gnome will fill you in a lot more on this situation give him a (PM)
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