how to hedge Vonage

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  1. so if someone has a very large gain in VG

    what are some ways to hedge this puppy?
  2. nobody? i'm sleepy...
  3. no strats?

    how does elite remain elite?
  4. It's called a sell order. This is a stupid topic. Seriously you want to hedge a gain in a 2.40 stock. You should sell your initial investment.
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  6. +1?

    comeone folks, this makes no sense!

    this is just like my LVS discussion from last year!

    you all think that to make a profit equals a sell!?!?!?!

    i say no: but, i am not fully aware of how to fix the situ.

    i could buy equal shrares of an ETF where VG were rerpresened, but VG does not get listed on any.

    so how does a net long position somewhat let one sleep with some hedge as no options trading or ETF allow
  7. Dude, the ONLY way to make a profit is to liquidate your position and stare at the cash in your account. Anything else is just a hedge (with UNREALIZED pnl on both sides). If there is some reason you need to stay long the stock, then fine, but don't ever think that anything other than selling the stock allows you to "profit".

    In terms of a hedge, why don't you look for names that are in the same industry and use those on a beta-adjusted basis, or something like that (I'm not an equity hedging expert so don't take that as the best way). Or just use SPY (not great, but if you are desperate...)
  8. Nobody cares about your 100 shares of VG.
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    you should be only hedging against bull dogs.
  10. Short some MagicJack.
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