How to handle temptation by young women?

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    Ive been happily married 20 years (3rd wife).

    But lately much younger women are coming on to me, half my age in mid-twenties. And tbh I'm very tempted to switch to a younger lady.

    Anyone else deal with this situation? Horns of a dilemma.

    Eddie Murphy saying "half!" comes to mind re divorce, lol.

    But I Am a trader..... hmm :D
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  2. easymon1


    Overtrading overschmading, you could use a brand spankin' new ankle-biter too, right? Young blood makes that call, not you holmes.

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  3. KCalhoun

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    Surprised I can still pull trim like that but ima hit them skins...

  4. Lmao
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    Here's some light reading to prepare for that surprise curtain climber you might get to enjoy for 18 - 25 years, lol.
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  6. traider


    trader trades old for young?
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  7. traider


    How about teaching date mastery, it's more profit than teaching trading.
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  8. Get some confirmation before making a life-changing decision: take her to an optometrist.
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    Lol thx alot.... we do zooms often in hi-res.... I can't stop thinking about her grrr got it bad
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    I'm familiar with the whole pua scene, seems contrived.... I've dated dozens of ladies just saying hi and asking friendly questions.

    Then buying em breakfast.

    Then politely saying no you cant move in lol

    But yeah I could teach that, but I like trading better.
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