How to handle 24 Hr Futures Trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by links, Jan 15, 2003.

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    With S&P and Nasdaq emini futures trading around the clock, just wondering how traders cope w/ the long hours. For those of you who swing trade ES & NQ, if a signal is generated at 3AM, how do you handle it?

    It seems like the volume starts to pickup around 3AM EST, I guess thats when the European traders start trading.

    I have heard stories how some Stock futures traders wake up at 3AM and start monitoring the markets, but that makes for a very long day.
  2. lots and lots of coffee...
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    Take profits or losses as soon as possible to close all positions. :D
  4. I always thought that most overnight holders use special stop order systems so that they can sleep at night and then wake up to see if their orders have been executed or still open...

    is this true?
  5. A auto exection mechanism that is linked to your system. It is that easy...

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    Just let the broker trade for you. Trading automation.
  7. Hmmm... What about creating a global team that trades from a single pot of risk capital and can hand-off positions to each other. Three traders (I'm thinking a Europe, west coast U.S. and Hong Kong team) each working 9 hour shifts could cover a 24 hour cycle with an hour of overlap between the traders.

    Anybody ever try or see this style non-stop trading?

    Don't trade tired,
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    For those of us who use Tradestation or other back testing software find its so easy to backtest a emini system not realizing that some of the signals generated are in the middle of the night.

    What I do when I carry a position overnight is just to place a stop loss order, that usually works fine.

    The problem is entering a new position. I have missed many good signals due to the mkts making big moves overnight, by the time I check the prices around 7AM, the price has already moved several points away from my 'entry' point. This really then skews the results of my system vs backtested analysis...

    There are very few commercially available software to trade futures, I believe Tradestation is suppose to have it in March w/ their release 7. Was just wondering how traders have been managing up to now....hardrocks 'lots of coffee' seems to be the only viable solution...
  9. doing it alone :eek:

    sometimes I am up for a few hours overnight

    then catch a few hours zzz

    then back up

    then catch a few hours zzz

    most of the time ... I do try to get a life :)
  10. This sounds like a good idea and it would be easy to do. Let me know if you need help with it. PM me.


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