How to grab a pic of the screen?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Babak, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Babak


    I've seen on the board people using a certain free software to grab pics off the web (graphs, screen, etc.) Would appreciate a link and more info.Thanks very much. :)

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  3. gnome


    Google "5-Clicks Software", and "Grabzilla". Both are simple and work well. 5-Clicks is $9.95, but I prefer it.
  4. In Win XP, I click on Alt-Print Scrn then paste the image into Paint, save it as a jpg and voila.
  5. use GRABZILLA. its free and simple and efficient and works with multiple displays [any size you want GRABZILLA snags it]
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    lol, why alt?
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    Can't slip one by you, can I? :)
  8. Babak


    actually I was wondering about that but thought it would be too simple a question to ask...that is minus the [Alt] why don't people just use the print screen key and paste it onto paint?

    what am I missing? :confused:
  9. can you capture portions of the image with print-screen?

    can you capture an image stretched over several displays?


  10. ig0r


    As far as portions, you can take whatever you want out and keep whatever you want in paint. I never had anything stretched over multiple screens, so never needed to do that, got me there.
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