How to go about pips?

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  1. Warm greetings to all traders,

    I am about to make a start with one of the currency pairs from - USDCAD, EURUSD, USDJPY. Have doubts on CHF as I heard this is strictly manipulated by Swiss authorities.
    Need your suggestions.
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    Any of them should be fine if you want to start with FX.
    CHF came out of fashion a few years ago because SNB put a cap against the euro, which was mental, and when they removed it they caused chaos and many accounts jumping, as people didn't do their due diligence enough.
    The US branded SNB a currency manipulator recently, but then, central banks and government are often in a kind of currency war.
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    EURUSD the most frequently traded pair.
  4. Can go with any pair, all of these pairs are the most traded currencies in the world. Can consider USDGBP too.
  5. True, Swiss National Bank intervention in avoiding its currency from rising is some matter of concern. Why? because what I have experienced till date, the main determinant of currency value against other currencies is the Monetary policy set by the central bank in the country.
  6. SNB is usually concerned with the Swiss franc’s exchange rate vs Euro, as the swiss trade with eurozone nations is in abundance.
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    EURUSD is the best one to start with imo.
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  9. Before starting do consider some of the main events happening globally which may have a high impact on volatility of major currencies pair, like outcome of US elections, 2nd wave of Covid, etc.
  10. All the best !
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