How to get your Testosterone High?

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    Exercise + a regular schedule of afternnon delights, or pharmaceutical testosterone based compounds.
  2. inject steroids
  3. Stinging nettle helps. Transdermal formestane w/wo DHEA is available OTC. Tamoxifen, raloxifene, toremifene, clomid; hCG. Heavy deadlifts and squats shortly before bedtime. Any resistance training will help.

    Exogenous test = HPTA shutdown. Not what the thread-starter is looking for.
  4. Don't jack off
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    I would have thought that this would cause a positive feedback loop as your bodys perception would be that you were procreating and thus nneded to be ket fully ready for more of this.
  6. Shortie, if you're over 25 see a doctor about Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    Take a blood test and get a script.

    The real key is moderation with Testosterone.

    A small amount every week will raise your levels to high normal levels and not cause you to experience side effects or have to cycle it.

    Think of it as a 45 degree equity curve when done this way.
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    Presumably it is better to start before the changes related to ageing related lower testosterone levels start to manifest. I exercise in the two ways described above to keep levels high and don't see any signs of deficiency yet, but maybe I should consider moderate use of testosterone suplements as I assume these these changes can't be reversed.

    In other words, at 44 should I start now preemptively rather than attempt to reverse ageing related lower testosterone effects when the appear?
  8. Mokwit, I would say see your doctor.

    If at 44 you haven't noticed that much due to low test levels you are one lucky SOB! (but a little boost never hurt now, did it?)
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