How to get Trading job at a Hedge Fund?

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  1. Does anyone have any advice for getting a trading job at a Hedge Fund?

    I have lots of experience in Trading but not at Hedge Funds.


    p.s. Please no b.s. answers. Thanks
  2. Knowing some one who can get you an interview is by far the best way so try to find someone you can leverage off otherwise it is very difficult.
  3. In this business if you haven't made money since last 12 months, they count you as an inexperianced. I don't know how others look at this
  4. if you do not have connections or a top tier MBA or quant background or computer science AI PHD

    or some unbelievable track record ...

    then ... you have no shot

    however ...maybe you will write back to us after some huge
    writeup about your success in traders monthly magazine

    good luck

  5. toc


    Trading Job sounds exciting but remember Trading is probably one of the most difficult profession out there.

    You have lots of experience, then better fax 'them' your audited account statements to prove that you are a top gun trader and hedge funds will run after you like puppies.

  6. Some of the larger players will hire Junior execution traders and junior middle office staff. eFinancialCareers may help you out.
  7. So, what is the alternative for someone with lots of buyside trading experience? Am I now not marketable?
    I cannot imagine starting from scratch as a Securities Broker. What avenues does one take? I can trade my own account for some money but the uncertainty and lack of benefits is a tough one with a family.


  8. Start your own hedge fund.

    Anyone can run a hedge fund. Just take all of your client's money, stick it into the SPY and IWM and then take a 1 year vacation. If it goes up 10% and you have 1 billion under management, you make 20 million in management fees and 20 million in incentive fees for a total of 40 million. Even if it goes down a little, you still make close to 20 million just in management fees. You can even write covered calls to rake in some extra premium.

    Now the tough part is trying to raise that $1 billion to play around with.
  9. With the above simple strategy, you could have generated a little over 10% last year, and more if you wrote covered calls.

    Hedge funds are overrated. I would never invest in them. Of course, you don't want to tell your clients that.
  10. It's like betting on sports games..little do the bettors know that their chance of long term success is near impossible :D .
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