How to get ThinkorSwim in NZ

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  1. Hi guys,

    Can we get ThinkorSwim by opening Sole trader account in NZ by opening an LLC is US ?

    Thank you
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    I can't speak for TD, but at Lightspeed we can offer foreign accounts and there is no restriction I'm aware of for those from New Zealand. We offer only US Listed Equities/Options/Futures.
  3. ZBZB


    I think people abroad access free Thinkorswim software by using a fake US address to open an account and then use another broker. Try the address of the Whitehouse.
  4. Adam777


    Doesn't the TOS sim account only last for a month or so? I tried to fill out their forms in Sydney, but their website recognises the Australian IP address and instantly rejected my application. After filling out their web forms in Indonesia for their demo it was fine.
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  5. ZBZB


    I have heard of people outside the US who use it. I will investigate and report back.
  6. Hittfeld


    ThinkOrSwim WILL open an account for a non resident alien, just give èm a call: They will allow you to open a cash-only account - no margin, no options etc... but all of their analytical gimmicks. Just open it, deposit some 2k, use it to trade Spy/Tlt switching with your monnies, use it for all your other trades .. just don`t execute the trade but use TastyWorks for execution instead.
  7. I am looking to trade US Equity-options and FOPs only using ThinkorSwim. Would it be possible to open a Sole Trader / LLC in USA and then open the trading account as a Business. I would be looking at spreads/strategies so it would need to be a margin account.

    Also, I am looking for actual account and not a sim account
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