How to get the best shave?

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  1. I'm still on mach3 (last generation technology). I'm wondering if there are any better razors out there. Also I'm wondering what the advantage/disadvantage of using electric shavers are? The goal is the closest shave with the least irritation. I wonder if the secret is in the shaving cream/lotion?
  2. I was always nicking my balls with the 3 blade set up so I went back to a Sensor. :(
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    For balls there is nothing better than duct tape. Beats the brazilian wax!!! :)
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    When I was in my 20's I got a wet/dry electric shaver for Christmas. Dry, it was like any other electric. Wet (in the shower) it worked pretty well - for a while. By the time it became dull I had become accustomed to shaving in the shower so I tried it with a razor. First with shaving cream and later without. I've never gone back.
    I almost never cut myself. I use no shaving creams or lotions.
    Only two "tricks", don't wash your face with soap until after shaving (I wait on washing my hair as well) and spend a few moments with your face in the water stream to soften your beard before you start. Apparently the natural oils on your face are plenty of lubrication.
  5. Walk up to the (your) hottest chick in the bar and after a couple of drinks and some mac daddy moves say...."I'd love to shave your legs."

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  6. Electric all the way. Try shaving against the grain with a blade. :)
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    I once read in the men magazine that the best shave is after the shower. The idea is to soften your hear for few minutes by soaking it in the water. I have been shaving in the shower for the past 8 years. I find it the best. I recommend not to go against the grains. If you do, you get deeper cuts but will have sensitivity issues with read cheeks. I assume you shave every day, so just shave in the shower in the morning. No need for shaving cream, any oily substance ( shampoo...etc) will do. New razors will not work as good as used ones, throw old ones when dull. again, the Key is:
    1- Soaked hear
    2- Don't go against the grains
    3- Every day shaving
    4- Used razors are better than fresh
  8. After 7 yrs I still cant shave right, lol. I swear, the area around the chin is the hardest part, I either miss a part or get razor burn, then my skin gets red and starts to peel. gd.

  9. I agree - shaving in the shower has given me the best shaves. Wait a few minutes after you have gotten your face wet, which in turns get the hair soft and an easier, cleaner shave.
  10. lol...if you ever start dating a chick with a little bush (very rare now adays)...offer to shave that but start with an electric shaver first...the vibrations drive em wild!
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