How to get the best out of your trades!

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  1. Some trades like Chuck Hughes recommends trading in positions of approximately $10K each. From my experince I use 1k to 5k. To limit the amount of risk involved.

    I jump on the "seasonal trades" which was supposedly "hot" - so I purchased 10 X S&P 500 Jan 10 145 call - SFBAO
    - recommended entry $12.75 (10 X 100 X 12.75 = $12750.00). I was able to enter this position at only $10.35 ($10367.95 inc commission) so I thought I was ahead!

    That is, before it tanked! - 12/06/2010 I sold at $8.25 ($8232.38 inc commission) for a loss of $$2135.57 on this one position. Note - Today 01/08/2010 Chuck Hughes continues to sit on this position for a loss of $9K! This is absurd! - There is no stop-loss set with this trading strategy.

    I certainly will not continue to throw good money after bad every recommendation had tanked that I had gotten other stock traders - and I have no longer any confidence in any advice from anyone in a Inner Circle.
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    Any of us long term trading veterans could could go to Oceanside, CA (their phone room headquarters) and drinking a 1/2 pint of Gin each night on the phone (while abusing prospects that asked probing questions), after 90 days we could be their top salesman--guaranteed!

    I will post this to other trading forums.

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