How to get tech info for broker online statement download method?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by trademaxleader, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Dear Traders,
    I have been confused with a tech question for a while. I am seeking help from Trader Guru here.
    I have designed a software called TradeMax. Basically, this software will import broker statement into its database, handle wash sale rule, carry cost from assigned/exercised option to stock, convert non-USD trade into USD amount, generate Schedule D and other reports. The software has been designed to import offline data, either in QFX format or CSV format. My original thought was, to let customer has the ability to define their own field definition in CSV file. There were too many brokers, and their statement format change too frequent (especially option trades data), so I prefer to let my customer has the flexibility. We already have lots happy users.

    Recently, some users contacted me and demanded for a 1 click interface for online statement downloading. They want TradeMax acts like Quicken, allows user type in online user name and password, then click download, everything should be done in 1 min. Even thought I understand this kind of requirement, my question is, how can I collect all brokers' online account's tech details to achieve this goal? What is the best way to do it? We might be able to work out a few brokers, but not all brokers in market.

    Our software can handle OFX standard. For testing purpose, do I need ask CIO to open trade account in each broker?

    Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas to you all!