How to get REM faster....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Gcapman, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Gcapman


    When I need to get knocked out, I take a nice swig of Robitussin but can't see this being healthy....

    Is there a better/more effective way to get REM sleep fast???
  2. maxpi


    Take some Melatonin, cheap, available any health food store. 2 or 3 500mg caps of L-Tryptophan will work too. Eating a handful of raw walnuts will help with getting to sleep and provides about thirty brain nutrients. Personally every night I eat the walnuts and take 2 caps of the L-Tryptophan, I get to sleep quickly enough and don't wake up much... but I really have to piss in the morning. There's always a trade-off :)
  3. RCG and I both take melatonin almost every night. It works pretty well except it is easy to build a tolerance to very quickly. I take a few benedryl too, but not good to take every night.

    Research has shown too, that watching t.v. or being on a computer prevents the brain from falling in to REM sooner, reading a book or listening to calm music is much better. I'm sure you know this already though...:)
  4. you have no clue what REM sleep is let alone when your innit or not..
  5. Why not try the natural home remedy?


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  6. Gcapman


    Melatonin is a good suggestion......I, too, am suspicious about my tolerance which is why I was hoping someone had a unique way of getting their shut-eye

    Beer is a good method but since I plan to trade upon will probably mess with my mental facilities......
  7. LOL yeah it's hard to get much done with a killer hangover, although a few drinks to relax isn't bad as long as you can have just a few:D Do you have a woman? Massage? Sex? Always great way to get to bed...

    PS. KTS YOU ARE A DICK!!! REM= RAPID EYE MOVEMENT- Do you think you are the only one that knows something on this site? You are an ASSHOLE!!! Seriously what is WRONG with you? I'm seriously asking you, why are you SO MEAN? No one even said shit to you and you always gotta throw in some mean ass comment in like you're so cool? :mad: WHY?? Does help you sleep better at night? If so maybe you should suggest it to Gcapman instead of being a dick...for real!
  9. maxpi


    A memory foam mattress is fantastic too.. I love to go to sleep at night anymore, I have my legal dope, my memory foam pad, cool Sony radio that fits under the pillow... if I didn't have to piss so bad in the mornings I'd probably never get up....
  10. fhl


    White noise machines are good, too.
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