How to get past My Limitation In System Development

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    I am from India,54 yrs age doing Trading since 7 yrs,was wiped out thrice of my trading capital & since 1 Yr doing OK.
    My knowledge in computer is zero,i know only 1 Language that is msfl (Metastock Formula Language) & trade with self coded codes.
    Using TradeSim for Backtesting (becoz the s/w collects data from MS).
    Plz guide me in which s/w in Neural Network & Genetic Algo ,i can tranfer my codes of Metastock Or that s/w understands msfl.
  2. sorry, no one will guide you in any useful way

    some will intentionally trick you

    but you won't find help on this site

    you best bet is to find traders in india who are willing to help you

    good luck
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    Thks for your caution ,however i am a trader.
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    Just send an email to Mr. Kotak, he uses Neural Networks a lot in his research. And since 1 yr you are not doing OK, but markets have been going up without a pause.
  7. You may want to take a look at the Neuro-Lab product offered by Wealth-Lab. You will probably have to translate your MSFL code to Wealth-Lab script to use the product. However I do not know of any Neural Network product that directly uses Metastock formulas.

    - Greg
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