How to get more historical ES data into TOS

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  1. Using think or swim for something on ES, intra day data only goes back about a year, how do I get a few years back to display, need a 3rd party feed of some sort ?

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    You can try CQG or Rithmic in Sierrachart, Multicharts or Motivewave. I do not think that TOS takes external data.
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  3. comagnum


    Another option is Tradestation. If you can leave $2k in the acct you will get free live market data & historical data.

    • Stocks and Indexes - Tick-by-tick data is available for thirty days back, one-minute data for ten years back, and daily data for more than 30 years back.
    • Futures - Tick-by-tick data for thirty days back, one-minute data since January 1982, pit data for individual contracts (delivery month/year) since 1970, and back-adjusted continuous contracts since the 1960s.
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