How to get money to trade...$2000.00 FREE

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  1. Here's the deal. You need TWO credit cards with lots of credit left on them. An empty credit card is best with no amount due. Here's how you do it....You go to a department store and buy a large price item with one of your credit cards. Buy somebody that you can a laptop computer or a piece of jewlery for $2,000.00....Then after a week, you tranfer the amount with a balance tranfer check onto your OTHER credit card. So you just tranfered 2K onto your OTHER credit card. Then you RETURN the computer or jewlery or whatever you bought for 2K to the store and they will credit your credit card that you used to purchase the item. So you now have a 2K credit on an empty credit card with no money due. The credit card HAS to send you a refund check in the mail if you ask them to because you owe them NO MONEY. So you call the card company and ask them to send you a check for the 2K that they owe you. They do it and you now have 2K to trade with. LOL. What do you think? You have any better ideas? :D
  2. Yep, you sound like a real winner.

    And ET continues its downward spiral..........
  3. You can also be a "paid medical study" volunteer for medical research. Some of the studies pay 5K and possibly more.

    Go to Google and type in "paid medical study" and you will find lots of colleges and research facilities that are looking for paid volunteers that they are willing to pay you money to help them out.
  4. You're wasting words here. You could have said "Traders may borrow money to fund their accounts."
  5. Ok then, traders may borrow money to fund their account by
    buying a commodity such as bricks of gold on a credit card with a generous miles or cashback program. Let's say you buy $100,000 worth of Krueggerands at one shop, the commission on that might be $100 or less. You rack up all those credit card bonus benefits. You then go across the street, sell the Krueggerands, pay off your cards and collect the miles, cashback, etc. I suppose the plan could be implemented on a smaller scale. The only possible problem could be that you might not be able to find a shop that sells gold coins or bricks and accepts credit cards. Or find one that will buy the gold bricks back from you.

    You need a credit card that gives high cash back, such as a 5% cash back card. So on a 100K sale, you will get 5K back after you resell your gold bricks. What do you think? :D
    You need a credit card with at least a 100K credit limit or more.
  6. Credit card rewards are usually capped. Most of the time you stop gaining rewards after the first $500 in purchases.

  7. Where is the street with 2 shops that deal in Krug's?.....
  8. I am just missing the free part.

    I still somehow wind up paying interest and if I incur losses during my trading, my interest is "technically" compounded exponentially.

    And as the one poster said... ET continues it's downward spiral.
  9. I know a guy that lost his spleen that way. :eek:
  10. Find an old lady walking down the street - steal her purse.

    What do you think?
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