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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Mrottman, May 5, 2006.

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    Hey everyone, I'm about to graduate, and am open to any and all suggestions/advice on how to get into the trading game. I'll be graduating with a degree in finance. I've thought about money management and trading, and trading just seems more exciting (not to mention the money that can be made!) I'm just curious as to what the pro's would suggest I do. thanks to everyone
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    ... or lost!
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    Translation: "Rawr!"
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  5. rcj

    rcj a bit surprised some of the really experienced guys
    havent come on here and responded with some ideas. Like
    maybe how to get organised for job searches with banks,
    trading firms, etc.

    BTW ... i wasnt trying to be a smartass with my first post. i was
    just trying to say that there are gonna be losses in trading. Sometimes significant ones - its gonna happen for sure.

    I hope you stay with ET for awhile. Lots of experienced
    people willing to help. I learn from them.

    .... rj

    p.s. ... congrats on getting the degree!!
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    The topic was discussed several times on ET. Use your ET search towards "trading job, careers" etc.
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    Your potential employer in a prop. firm, may not like your attitude toward trading as being an "exciting" job/game. Afterall, trading is about risk/money management and there should be nothing exciting about it. Trading companies do not provide capital for his trader to have fun, right? On the other hand, your thirst for money is reasonable. Personally, I think trading is like running a business. In certain way the working environment and financial reward is better than work-horse jobs. But the chance of failure in trading is relative high, possibly higher than the failure rate of small business. Both demands your born character and hard-work to success.
  8. Stop considering it a "game"

  9. I consider it a game, in the same sense that I consider poker a game. Lets face it, trading has a romantic image so I can certainly understand the young mans infatuation with it. Were I him, knowing what I know now, I would get in on the business end and keep my eyes and ears open and hopefully meet a mentor down the line somewhere that would be willing to take me under his/her wing.
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    Heyy, I just want to thank everyone who's posted so far. I'm willing to work my ass off to get into this business, so everything helps! Keep the good advice comin!
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