How to get IB's attention?

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  1. ZRA


    Do you have similar experience like me?

    I created web tickets to report several problems/bugs in the past but IB seemed to be totally uninterested. No one bothered to respond to the issue.

    I even logged in on chat expecting to get faster response. He simply told me to report it by opening a web ticket but I had done it already.

    Wait, wait and wait. Nothing happened. :(

    What's your case? Could you get your issue resolved finally? If so how?

    What is the best way or best channel to get IB's attention and get it to fix the issue/problem sooner rather than later?
  2. It depends on how serious the issue or bug is. I would assume that.
  3. ZRA


    So is there nothing else we could do? I sometimes think it's because we can't get in touch with the right person. That's why it takes like forever to be resolved.
  4. Catoosa


    For some things, posting here on ET gets the fastest and best help from IB. Most of the time I log-in to my account and open a ticket but that generally takes days to get a reply which often does not properly address the problem. I have not had any better help from other discount brokers.
  5. rcj


    I agree with your statement. Seems to be the case in my
    experience with IB. When i have run into a problem
    with TWS ive come here and started a thread explaining the issue. Using clear, non-prejorative language gets the best results
    from the IB reps monitoring ET.

    What issues are you having?
  6. ZRA


    What a joke! This forum has been hijacked and become the official IB help forum. :D

    Do IB representatives still wander around these days?
  7. Catoosa


    It does seem that you are not looking for help from IB. I would expect an IB client to not complain about help they receive here on ET from those that may work for IB.
  8. LeeD


    From my experience, chat via the Web account management page is the fastest way to receive an answer. It would usually take under an hour for simple questions and with more difficult one it helps to try explaining the nature of the question/problem again in different terms. The support are pretty good at redirecting questions to a person knowledgeable in the particular subject.

    Tickets take longer.... and they take many days to be anwered if opened from a paper-trading account.

    TWS is very complex with hundred of settings and many cases of it behaving unreasonable can be resolved by altering defaut settings or doing the same thing in a different way.

    Obviously, the actaul bugs can only be fixed in a TWS release, which don't happen too often these days. Here there is really few options besides reporting them via tickets and/or on IB forums.
  9. Only a guess but I am betting it depends on the size of your account. Six figures does not get there attention or at least in my case I find. Ever once in a while they show a glimmer of hope and then reality sets in.
    I agree with other posters at least here once in a while one of IB reps will address IB issues. Once personal issue I have is IB almost never send the traders a bulletin about the issues they have while for days, weeks or months it is on elite before it gets acknowledged. You have to learn to use them for what style of trading works for you with the understanding overall they could care less of your issues let alone answer the tickets to your satisfaction.

  10. ZRA


    I'm reporting bad ticks which are present in several charts. Fire up SGXNK (Jun 10) to see an ugly chart. Bad ticks again.

    Some stock prices haven't been adjusted correctly after splits and consolidations.

    Some have been reported for months. I have reported it in various channels (web ticket, chat, phone). The errors still stay. IB doesn't seem to want to get rid of the bad ticks or errors at all. :(

    What do you think about IB data? Why doesn't IB care at all?
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