how to get activity statements on selected contracts with IB ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by luisHK, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. luisHK


    This is pretty easy to do with Etrade, but I haven't succeeded yet with IB.

    How can I get the profit and loss for specific contracts, if i want to show it to someone without disclosing my whole account activity - for instance all IWM and SPY PnL ?

  2. The statements are pretty much organized by instrument, aren't they? Couldn't you just take a screen shot of the section of the statements you want?
  3. luisHK


    What I'd like is open the account in front of someone and download the activity on a specific contract only.

    Otherwise how would you take a partial screenshot ? (sorry for my lack computer savvy here ..)

  4. cvds16


    can't you do it in excell ? been a long time since I used Ib but thought that was possible
  5. 1) Open MS "Paint"
    2) click on your IB statement to activate that window
    3) press "Alt + Print Screen" (PS key is in upper right corner of keyboard) ... this copies the active window to the virtual clipboard (invisible until you paste it somewhere)
    4) paste into the Paint window (Cntrl + v )
    5) edit the paint document as desired, using the tools on the left
    6) save paint file
  6. There's a program I use called "Snagit" that's pretty helpful in instances like this. But I've used the MS Paint method as well.
  7. luisHK


    Thanks Tomahawk, I will try this out.

    I'm surprised though that there is no way with IB's complex software to get the statement for specified symbols, will send IB a message see if they reply with a solution