How to get a job in the industry...

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  1. These are cut&pastes from Minyanville that I will include in this thread. Feel free to throw your own on here...

    This is how people really get jobs in the industry. Through all out aggressiveness and passion. This cut&paste demonstrates how one guy didnt take "no" as an answer.

    If you dont have a degree from an Ivy League college, then your going to have to roll up your sleaves and get in people's faces.

    Pulling an aggressive and creative move is not a bad thing. Its like asking a woman out on a date. All they can do is ask you to leave and all you lose is "face" and time. However, thats all you lose. . .


    Ryan Krueger worked for free at a small brokerage firm in Austin while attending the University of Texas, and upon graduating was declined an interview request at Smith Barney in Houston. He went to that office anyhow and asked to work for the minimum, and started in the mailroom. Working toward the portfolio management side of the business, Krueger started to manage a discretionary portfolio for “the few people who trusted him” at the age of 23. Eventually, the results led to a group of private clients that made their homes in many states, and several countries. He left Smith Barney after 10 years as Senior Portfolio Manger, to start his own money management firm.

    Krueger formed a partnership with Michael Catalano, a New Yorker, who began his career at 14 Wall Street for the same brokerage firm but who had moved to Houston. They set out on their own and opened an RIA called Krueger & Catalano Capital Partners, LLC. They manage private accounts for wealthy families across two different actively managed portfolios, and are set to launch two private funds in 2006.

    In addition to writing a private investment letter each month for several years, Krueger has had articles published in various national publications, and has hosted his own radio show in Texas for 7 years.

    Krueger lives in Houston with his wife, daughter, and son.

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