How to get 100s of trading books from the net

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  1. Pekelo


    Summer is coming and you need some light reading material on the beach? You are a newbie and don't know where to start and don't want to spend too much on books?

    Here is what you do:

    1. Google "trading book torrent"
    2. Click on the first result.
    3. With a torrent client (like uTorrent or such ) or Opera browser (has a built-in torrent client), download the file.
    4. Take it with you on your laptop to the beach and enjoy.

    The above is a 1.9 G file containing almost 500 books and PDFs on trading. The real advantage is (beside being free and handy) that you will probably find books you never even knew they existed.
  2. In other words, you should steal copyrighted books. Or you could just go into Borders, hide them under your coat, and walk out the door. Same diff...
  3. schizo


    Not to mention that most of those books are worthless. Seriously, I have a ton of trading books, both in hardcover and PDF, and I find them completely useless. They will not make you a better trader, period.

    If anyone wants to buy any books predating 2005 (when I stopped buying), let me know.
  4. Retief


    Not really. You're odds of getting caught stealing at Borders is way higher than downloading copyrighted material. The reward/risk for stealing from Borders is quite poor, but highly favorable for downloading. You've got to think like a trader.
  5. Pekelo


    Then why should one spend money on them? :)

    There is a huge difference between outright loss and missed profit. Let's suppose you are a trader so you should understand the difference between a losing trade and a missed profitable trade.

    But I forgot to add, just to make you happy:

    5. If you find one of these books worthy, send a few bucks to the author.

    Happy now? :)
  6. Most of them are garbage. A few gems though.
  7. lxor


    As mentioned before, copying is not stealing. Copying is denying an author/publisher the ability to sell to you. However reading a book from the library does the same.

    Most of these authors have been steeling peoples time and money for years with empty deceitful promises, delivering useless, distracting and incorrect information. Don't let them steal more of your time by actually reading all these books.

    However in this torrent there are a few authors with insight worth reading, and its only fair that you reward and encourage them by buying their books.

    When I say a few authors worth reading, I mean maybe 3%. I Know, too many dishonorable authors and publishers these days, or is it they are just not very competent and don't know any better.
  8. +1

    But then without even glancing through the book how are beginners(95% people here) supposed to know that the book is BS?

    Maybe they should download the torrent, skim and delete each pdf book from one by one :D
  9. Begin with historical data. Can't spin that shit.

    Secondly, follow up with the academics. Those putz professors are always on the prowl for credibility with the endowment crowd.

    Next up for non "bs" is Yahoo "yo mama can't trade" Groups.


    "This ain't your daddy's market anymore" on ET forums.
  10. Pekelo


    The reason I posted the How to get this... advice was that if you want to read bad advice, you might as well get it for free.... :)
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