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    In Israeli ultimate wisdom to free their hostage, they took the decision to bomb a university!,,1812450,00.html

    Both sides are locked in a senseless battle of vendetta and retaliation. The one thing both sides need in this conflict is education and respect it would seem. Surely a university is the one thing that would help foster understanding and empathy for the other side. Why destroy it?

    As terrible as this hostage taking is, and no matter how badly it reflects on Hamas, surely the bombing of a university is not going to help bring him back? Perhaps someone here with a better appreciation of this terrible and pointless conflict could tell me how bombing a university will help bring an end to this situation, or help the hostage?

    Will such destruction, and other countless massacres of innocents help either side reach peace, or will it continue to foster hatred and vengeance on both sides for generations to come?

    Was there such antagonism and hatred in the area before Israel came about?

    Surely it is about time we realise that NEITHER side has the INTELLECT, GOOD WILL or ABILITY to have the right to their own state, and this right should be taken away from them for the sake of the greater good across the world?

    Perhaps we should just force the closure of Israel, as they are the more 'advanced society' (despite living with Neanderthal like mentalities), with better education, so should know better than to continue is this senseless way. The Palestinians have never really been given a fair chance in the modern world it would seem, having always been down trodden, and taken advantage of by other stronger forces from Iran and Syria.

    Isn't it about time we said enough is enough?

    Lets close down Israel. The people can stay, but they are not allowed to practice their religion (as religion seems to be the deep routed cause here). Lets give more support to Palestine and ensure surrounding Arab nations like Syria and Iran stop using these people as their tool for war against Israel.
  2. Because it's the Islamic University in Gaza City they bombed. LOL. This university is not spreading "understanding and empathy", it's spreading "hatred and intollerance".

    The rest of the Guardian's article has nothing in common with your pathetic rant.
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    You said @LOL@

    I think this says an awful lot about pro Israeli mentality that I tried to focus on in my post. Kind of ironic some would say.

    Do you really think this situation is serious, or do you really think its funny?

    Are you really this ignorant about Islamic culture?

    How tolerant are you when someone you deem as ignorant towards your belief structure displays the same level of intolerance?

    Had you been adopted by chance by an Arabic or Palestinian family, do you think you would hold the same belief structure you presently do, or would you have a different one?

    Are you a Jew living outside of Israel? I think you are, otherwise your attitudes would not be as childish. Please count your blessings.

    Did I ever say that the article referred to did have any thing to do with the questions in my post? No I did not. It simply provided evidence of more needless destruction.


  4. I did say LOL because your claim that the Islamic University in Gaza is trying to "foster understanding and empathy for the other side" was funny.
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    I never said that at all.

    I stated that universities in general are though of as places that foster understanding and empathy for the other side - in their general intellectual quest for understanding and knowledge.

    It would appear that you predecide what is written according to your odd belief system, before you have actually read what it is you are reading! Please pay attention and keep an open mind. You owe it to yourself.
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    Israelis aren't stupid vendetta mongers. If they bombed a university it was because it was a key element in Hamas plans.

    Typical assymetrical warfare by the thread originator; make war and claim to be a hapless victim when your enemy fights back.

    That part about "DELETE THIS THREAD, I STARTED IT BUT NOW IT HAS TURNED INTO A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE ARGUMENT" really sucks BTW. Reminds me of a lying little kid trying to get out of the trouble. Spare me, I haven't had breakfast yet.
  7. According to the logic of some people, then Israel should bomb Islamic hospitals, Islamic child care centers, Islamic orphanages, Mosques, etc....because, you know, they are Islamic.

    In other words, genocide is okay, as long as the target if Islamic.
  8. It wouldn't be the first time the Israelis go out in a revenge killing spree.

    Even Steven Spielberg (a jew) accepts this in "Munich"

    I think Israel must be forced to work out some diplomatic solution by the UN and the United States --- for their own good.