How-to for JSystemTrader, a open source Java ATS.

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    I have uploaded a new PDF file HowToJSystemTrader.pdf, in the Files directory of this group

    Goals of this How-to for JSystemTrader.
    The goals of this How-to for JSystemTrader is to help you to install
    and to compile JST in Eclipse, then to help you to backtest with JST.
    You dont need to be a IB customer to install, to compile and to
    backtest with JST.
    To do all the things show in this How to, you dont need to be a IB

    What is JSystemTrader?
    The answer comes from a PDF, UserManual.pdf, writed by the author of
    the software.
    UserManual.pdf file is located in the docs repository of
    1. Summary.
    JSystemTrader is a fully automated trading system (ATS) that can trade
    various types of market
    securities during the trading day without user monitoring. All aspects
    of trading, such as obtaining historical and real time quotes,
    analyzing price patterns, making trading decisions, placing orders,
    monitoring order executions, and controlling the risk are automated
    according to the user preferences.

    The central idea behind JSystemTrader is to completely remove the
    emotions from trading, so that the trading system can systematically
    and consistently follow a predefined set of rules.
    JSystemTrader is intended for software developers.
    It is not an "off-the shelf" product that can be installed and run.
    Instead, JSystemTrader provides a framework for developing automated
    trading systems and
    requires a certain amount of programming knowledge and experience.
    The users can modify any part of the source code, implement their own
    trading strategies, and
    extend and customize the system in any way.

    JSystemTrader is free open source software distributed under a BSD
    If you are not a software developer, or if you don't have much
    experience programming in Java,
    JSystemTrader is probably not for you.

    Where to find JSystemTrader?
    The official site of JsystemTrader is:

    Please tell me what you think about this How-to.