How to fool the masses, Volume 1

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  1. Powell: Iraq biological labs intelligence was shaky
    Coalition raids home, takes aide to influential cleric into custody


    Wait until a "successful" economic number comes out (remember the president & advisors get this the day before "we" do) and then pull Powell out of hiding and try to smooth over the mess.

    If I'm wrong, then Powell, in his 30+ years of service, must be a complete imbecile to not know before this past week that this "intelligence" was unreliable.

    And as for that number, let's not forget it also reflects:

    -Weather changes which allowed 71,000 construction workers to go back to work.
    -Grocery strike which ended, allowing 47,000 jobs to be included in that number.

    Excepting those numbers, 230,000 jobs were actually added, which isn't too shabby.

    Just my .02 - please, draw your own conclusions.
  2. Ya got it!! What a game!!!!!

    Long live the mushrooms err... stupefied taxpayers

    Top U.S. diplomat concedes presentation to U.N. may have been wrong

    Hehe, sure, after the facts, POWELL TOO LATE NOW .
    It's 250 billion later to be paid by the US taxpayer,
    It's over 600 brave Americans dead, thousands Americans injured, dozens of thousands Iraqis civilians dead....

    But on the other hand, oil prices great for oil companies, HAL betchel MIC, laughs all the way to the bank. Pletny of loot to finance another election hehehehe

    no wonder scumya and cabal wanted to shove the war down our throats so fast. The numbskulls bought the lies, hook line and sinker. The most moronic of them still support the scum, under different handles ofcource.:D :D :D

    Remember this old tread? ahahahahaha

    powell tells it like it is

    Started by non other, Mondotrader, now he goes by James Stock, spect8or etc.. Read up see who is who from back then hehehehehehehehehe
    What a phucking joke:D :D Gotta love chitchat
  3. As I have long maintained on ET, even in the face of the moronic Clinton vs Bush arguments by fervent Bush supporters on this website, THIS current admininistration has prostituted the CIA and its ability to work as an "independent" intelligence agency to such an extent that it will have cancerous repercussions for many years to come.

    Never, I repeat never have the Vice President, NSA, or Secretary of State ever come up to CIA headquarters for a "working" visit, until the current Bush Administration. Sure, Bush Sr. came up a few times to hand out awards but only because he was a former Director. No one has ever "compromised" the CIA like the current Bush Administration. That is a fact that cannot be denied.

    So much for David Kay and his news cameras of two metal flatbeds designed for making biological weapons.

    What a shame.
  4. America would be the most peaceful nation on earth if only someone could figure out how to keep profiteering out of war.