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    Somedays trading alone is just too much work. Who are the most followed traders (not investors). I'm just interested in the guys who have the largest following, the Warren Buffets of the trading world so to speak. Can we get a running list of traders, please?
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  3. none of you stand a chance

    I am very savvy guy and it took tooth and nails to make money of market

    you average blokes don't stand a chance

    I mean this in the most serious manner I can :eek:
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    And they wonder why 95% of people who attempt to trade lose?

    Lazy people will get what they deserve, lazy people who don't backtest their methods will lose.

    What am I saying, sure you can follow bozo the clown, rub Budda's stomach or flip a coin on when to buy/sell.

  5. Poooooor baby.
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    You guys are funny, but I'm not looking for training videos.

    The purpose of this thread is to list of daytraders or talking heads who make calls either by blogging, twittering, or live feeds etc. The criteria is that their targets be over short periods of time conducive to daytrading and that they have a following.

    So far our list has zero names. It's pathetic, but I have faith in the ET faithful. They'll come through! Give it time.
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    yes, it's pathetic thinking anyone is going to give away their daytrades for free. You have no idea how competitive this is :eek:
  9. Marc Faber is the best.

    Some calls he made that would have you made big$$$.

    Spring 2008: Buy Yen Buy oil

    Summer 2008: Buy dollar, sell oil, sell comodities

    Fall 2008:

    Buy goldminers
    Citi could go from 3$ to 10$ (it did) before it goes to 0 (it went to 0.97)
    Market rally coming

    Spring 2009:

    Buy the Euro
    Sell the Yen
    Stockmarket rally coming

    All of these predictions played out a week or 2 after he made them.

    Recomendation troughout 2008 and 2009: Buy physical gold. Gold is up or close to record highs in most currencies.

    He is good.
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    Marc Faber does seem to make some good calls, but his turnover rate seems to be more on the scale of months rather than minutes. The purpose of this thread is to list guys who make calls and offer nearly instant gratification.

    Here's the list so far:

    Traders with an intermediate time frame:

    1.Jim Cramer
    2. Marc Faber

    Daytraders with a very short time frame:


    Still not the best list, but perhaps we will improve upon it.
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