How to fix this economy right now.

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  1. Announce that All american citizens will recieve a 25,000 dollar tax credit check (anyone making less that 250K individual, 500K combined family)

    This will immediately reverse the ravaging deflation, initiate more spending and markets will move up.
  2. jprad


    The same amount of dole for individuals and families?

    A crack addict doesn't suddenly stand up and become "normal" by giving them more crack...
  3. Handle123


    There is a simple solution to our economy, but it takes guts to do, and those who can, won't.

    Every foreign made product apply a 25 to 100% plus TAX. Keep raising that TAX until Americans stop buying it. This will give incentive for companies to return jobs back to USA. This will make America great again. Until factories are made again, people will stop spending and pay off debt, the addional Tax collected must be mandated to pay off National debt. China has what 9 TRILLION US Dollars, they own most of our US debt?

    As US companies keep going down in price, who do you think has the money to buy them pennies on the dollar?

    If we are not careful, we will be speaking Chinese in several years. We need to make it unlawful for foreign companies to own more than 50% stake. Do you think other nations make it so easy for foreigners to come in USA and make fortunes?

    I am sick of what we have become.
  4. absolutely the dumbest idea ever. do you read books, study history, or have any fvcking clue what you're talking about?

    look up the smoot-hawley tarriff.
  5. Handle123


    When smoot-hawley tarriff was enacted, USA made products and bought very little from foreigners, we certainly don't export much now except farm equipment, food and military.

    We are now at 16 year highs for unemployment, where do you think our jobs went? You think we can compete against some china man earning 90 cents a day?

    Yeah, go ahead and dream on that all will be better by getting govt assistance.
  6. Mecro


    Uhm no. You're throwing band-aids at an infected wound.

    The monetary system put in place in 1913 is doing exactly what it was designed to do. You want to fix the problem? You go at its cause.

    Otherwise you're just covering up symptoms. US labor costs have been purposely inflated by money supply growth, legal costs & taxes. Meanwhile China runs a borderline slavery operation.
  7. dozu888


    right now it looks like the simplest way to get out of trouble is to invade Iran.
  8. Only if the allies are with us on such an invasion. Remember in WWII, we rebuilt our manufacturing base (what is needed right now) by selling billions of war stuff to allies. Fighting wars by ourselves is unprofitable.
  9. Taxing foreign goods would create so much hatred that yes we would come out of this depression because we would coordinate for ww3.

    You have a supply problem, minerals for exemple.

    Solve that and everything can kickstart again.

    I don't mean pushing afghan out of their country because we need to extract their ressources, i mean more recycling of these goods we throw and finding new ways to build things to avoid using scarce ressources.

    ..until we can use fusion or extract ressources in jupiter for an affordable cost.