How to fish fresh water turtle?

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  1. Stuff:
    1. One fishing pole with all accessories;
    2. five feet fishing line;
    3. One uncooked Chicken drum;
    4. Shrimp as bait for the fishing pole.
    5. I think you can use other raw meet other than shrimp or drum.

    1. Tie the drum on one end of the line to the drum, the other end on a rock, or tree, bush.
    2. Throw the drum in water where turtle often come, ensure the drum is visible;
    3. In ten minutes or so, turtles will come, drop hook/shrimp bait on top of turtles slowly.
    4. Watch them take the bait, and get the turtle.

    sometime I can catch 4 turtles in 30 minutes. It is as easy as grabbing them from water.

    I learned a good lesson in trading from my turtle fishing experience.:D
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  3. In South Texas we used to just pick them up. Or catch them on a trot line.

  4. Turtles are priced delicacy in Asia. You can start a business and make a lot of money out of that.
  5. I had no idea.

  6. Are you catching these to eat? I've seen different kinds of turtles, if you eat these do you eat them all or are some better than others? I've caught turtles before fishing but never eaten them before.

  7. I fished in a public park, illegal to take possession of them, can only for sports.
  8. You can get those bite sized ones in pet stores cheap.
  9. We used to use Cheetos with grasshoppers and or Turtle Meat for all our lines. But otherwise I'm blown away by the thought of these becoming a delicacy. The river bottom life these days must be profitable.
  10. Down under, these things were usually caught as by catch in cray/shrimp traps, drowned usually.

    However, the aborigines regarded them as quite good eating, bog easy to catch. In a good spot, enough burleigh and patience, and a high density of turtles, just pick em up.
    Just don't keep one as a pet, because they stink like fury.

    Pics posted look like snapper turtles, standard line/bait will dredge one up eventually.
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