how to find threads with attachements?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Nana Trader, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Is there a way to find posts that has attachmenst like excel, zip, text, pdf... ?

    I know other forums show threads with "clip"signs, is there a way to find attachments (by types would be also nice) in ET?

    Thank you
  2. My guess is that were are on a highly-customized ageing version of vBulletin so upgrading it to newer versions that have more bells and whistles (such as searching for posts with attachments) could be problematic due to the customizations.

    2 cents.

  3. Baron

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    I took the little clip signs off a few years ago because I was trying to cut down on the extreme number of icons that are shown. The default installation of this message board software has so many icons that it really gets ridiculous looking after a while. But if you think it would improve the usability of the site, then I am open to putting them back up.
  4. Thank you Baron, I don't remember the icons, but would it be possible to reactivate them for just few days then see how members respond to it.

    If there are ways for you to keep track on # of downloads after activation, then it's easy to say if beneficial doing it

    I personly like to have this feature
  5. I think they are so common on various message boards, that it wouldn't hurt to have them on there.
  6. Baron

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    Ok. They are on there now...
  7. I don't see any changes? how to do search for attachments?
  8. Baron

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    I put the paperclip signs on the thread list for any given forum. What exactly do you want? Paperclips on search results?
  9. I'm not sure if you're looking for feedback or not concerning this. I personally like the clips. I wouldn't want a hundred different icons mucking up the page like other forums though.
  10. I like to seach attachments by type, but i see thread with pics (which i don't need) showing clips next to them

    Let say you want to find:
    -zip files only
    -excel files only
    -PDFs only

    PICS shouldn't appear as attachement because there are lot of pic attachments in every thread and it becomes a mess

    Also would be nice if can search each of them? I don't think adding clips make this board uglier :confused: They are very helpful, because i find article and document attachements more reliable information than what an ET memeber types here
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