How to find the average difference of top of bar to bottom of bar on 1 min timeframe?

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  1. I basically like to trade stocks that move. All the stocks I trade now I've picked up by what others have posted on ET.

    I am wondering though, is there anything out there that will allow you to measure the distance of the top of a single bar to the bottom of a single bar?

    For example. AAPL's average distance from the top to bottom is like maybe 5 - 8 cents. GOOG is probably more like 15 - 30 cents.

    Stuff like that.

    Here is a visual reference.

    Good Stock:
    Might be around 10 - 20 cents on average

    Not so good:
    Might be around 3 - 5 cents on average

    So is there any software, or website that has this data, or any suggestions on how I find stocks that have a wide range on a 1 minute timeframe?

    Appreciate it!
  2. Confirmation of the obvious........higher-priced stocks have greater "arithmetic" volatility. Be sure to focus on higher-volume stocks too. Cheapie-stocks have narrower ranges but you can offset that by increasing your position size. Do what you feel comfortable doing.
  3. Appreciate it... I'm just looking for a way to kinda "scan" the type of stocks I like trading.

    I already know which stocks I like trading, but it is always nice to see if there is something better.

    Also, the ability to find the stock with the tightest spreads is also nice.

    I actually just thought of a very interesting idea, will try it out.

    Any other help is appreciated.
  4. I just pasted every stock on every US exchange into Prophet X and sorted by Price & Volume and it works out pretty good. I think I will find a few I like afterall. Appreciate it.

  5. By using software that has an ATR or ABL, then setting an alert when it moves beyond a certain % or an amount of cents of the average. Of course you would seek range expansion after range contraction, and continuation of an existing trend, or break from a potential change of trend zone.

    My charting on all time frames consists of only 3 indicators besides the actual price, ATR, ADX, and some EMAs. I would use ABL, however I don't have that option. When I did, it was the 10 bar ATR with a 5 bar ABL.

    Teresa Lo has done some excellent work in this area and came up with modifications to ATR and a price based one, that has made them uniquely her own.

    Heres a link to her site, it's undergone some changes recently. She used to post some charts and indicators and answer questions about them. It may be of help, it may not, search it out.

    Good Trading

  6. Appreciate it, bookmarked, will read over it tonight!
  7. This is very interesting, I'm getting some good results.

    How is the Price Volume calculated exactly, if you know?

    I like it, if I can figure out how it is calculated I think I can ask the guys at DTN to put it in for the next version.
  8. [​IMG]

    This is pretty much what I'm going to be working with.

    So feel free to add volume all you newbies ;)

    Appreciate the help. I think I have a big enough bag of stocks for backups.

    Appreciate it!
  9. PriceVolume = (Last Price x Volume)/1000

    ie indicative of how much money traded today in the stock

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