How to find options with lowest IV

Discussion in 'Options' started by frcrilly, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    Scenario: I have a list of 400 stocks on an excel sheet from which I want to buy a number of calls or puts (out of hours trading). I want to arrange my list of 400 stocks in order of “value for money” (ie in ascending order of implied volatility/demand).

    Has anyone any idea on how I can do this? For example, is there computer software out there that will do the job? Or alternatively, is it possible to get an excel list of every optionable stock in ascending order of implied volatility. If implied volatility is not possible, is there another measure that can be obtained that would signal approximately what I am looking for?

    Any pointers/ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance for all responses.
  2. Nanook


    OptionVue's Data Base Survey function:
    You may search OptionVue's database, or run a search on your list of assets.
  3. I use the listing updated from McMillian's website each week.

    Here is the link:

    I made my own quick VB software that reads this in and can give me whatever list I want from it.

    Note that sometimes when stocks have super low IVs that means they have been bought out or something, and you probably don't actually want to trade those. Just something to keep in mind.