How to find morning gap list

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Boff, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Boff


    hi, what's the best resource to find a realtime list of stocks gapping up/dn in pre-market? it'd be nice if free but a small fee is ok.
    also, is there a good stock chatroom out there where people find and post good movers throughout the day? not looking for signal calls at all but where many people are tracking different movers on the day and alerting each other. a somewhat organized environment would be nice even if there's a small fee.

  2. bstay


    i have private messaged you some screenshots of two chatrooms you can consider.
  3. Boff


    thanks guys, found them very helpful.
  4. bstay


    for the 3 guys that contacted me, let me know which of the two chatroom service you liked better or dislike. i have a 3rd room to recommend ..... all stocks and gap lists. no futures or options or forex.
  5. JayMe


    Will you send me the names of those chat rooms also please?
  6. jpvil123


    Do gapped stocks provide more daily movement?