How to find list of stocks with 2022 LEAPS options?

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  1. CBOE used to provide this info but they no longer publish it.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you have TOS, just use the stock scan with exp min set to your target DTE spec.
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  3. I quit using LEAPS and went to real stocks. Most people don't like LEAPS much. Hardly any are traded.
  4. I don't trade LEAPS. I use them for my buy and hold strategy and would only buy them after analysing the stock fundamentals. Made a good money with them.
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    Contact the CBOE. They've always been helpful when I have done so.
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    You can find a list on the CBOE site. However, question is what you call LEAPS. Do you call a stock that was once LEAPS LEAPS?
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  8. Yes, I was using that link up until now. All of a sudden they removed the important info Any idea how to find that info for whose without a TD account?
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