How to find hot stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by plan, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. plan


    How do you guys find the hot, moving stocks? I always seem to find the action afterwards on the movers list.

    Do I need a scan/newsletter/software?

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  3. plan


    I'll look at that, thanks. They have a lot of small cap crap though... but should have the bigger stuff too.
  4. ATLien


    I look at around 1000 charts every night, doesn't take too long.
  5. gaj


    realtick comes packaged with software (hottrend) which shows the unusual stocks on naz, amex, nyse.

    yahoo now has a free thing for unusual volume.

    briefing sometimes highlights unusual activity in stocks / options during the day.

    (edit: i see you use IB. go under create market scanner, and then under parameters, choose one of those. don't forget to set min. volume / price parameters, and uncheck OTC stocks)
  6. A friend just recommended IBD to me yesterday! Would you also recommend their CanSlim Course?
  7. It's easy, just watch Cramer, short the one he pumps the most.

    Buy FSLR was his latest I am aware of.

    I only watch him by mistake.
  8. bwahahaa....

    if it wasn't for Cramer there would be no liquidity in this market. Some one has to take the losing side of the trades we make right??

    Confessions of a Wall Street Addict makes for a good read, I must admit.

    ohh and to add to this thread,
  9. Isn't Canslim totally fundamental?
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