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    I wanted to start this thread with ideas on how to find backers/investors for my trading. I know similar threads have been deleted. So, I'm not asking for a backer but the rules of engagement and good sources. Both of my systems are among the top ranked > 6 months systems at c2.

    The two basic questions are:

    1.) Where to find sources?
    2.) What are rules of engagement for someone for someone who is not a CTA or professional?

    In terms of sources, there appear to be a few types of sources

    A. Brokerage/system signal services

    Example: Collective2, Striker, etc
    How Get Payed: You get payed by subscription fees.

    B. Individual investors

    How to find?
    How to setup a profit split without being a professional? How to offer?

    C. Quantitative/alternative funds

    Many of these seem only interested in HFT strategies.
    How to find?
    How to negotiate terms?
    Any of these back discretionary traders?

    D. Prop firms
    Seem to not be interested in sourcing "original strategies" but offering training.

    E. Sell own signals/sells system outright

    I am primarily interested in B and C. I do not have any interest in forming a hedge fund. I have read it is not possible to do profit split without being a CTA.

    But, I wanted more information on this. Would sending a private email run "foul" of the regulations? What if they came in as a partner like with an LLC?

    I just want to know what the rules are and sources for these types of investors (B. and C.)
  2. If you're going to trade other people's money, I would look up the exemptions to RIA's (Registered Investment Advisors) and make sure you qualify for the exemptions. Chances are you do, but there's no harm in being safe. As an example, in Texas you can have up to X number of clients and up to Y dollars being traded. Any more than that and you have to pass a series 65 and register or the state will take action.
    I tried something similar once. My strategy was to charge for classes that walk people through the trading system. I know others have written newsletters with tips and charge for subscriptions. Of course, there's always the night job. You'd only have to do it for a few months to get $5000 into your account. Hope all goes well for you.
  3. for most people, friends and family with less money then you.
    nobody else would trust you with money if you are more broke then them.

    That or bullshit .
  4. LOL. If you're really good, money finds you.
  5. i want to start an investigation group with the $100k entry.any suggestions where to find?:D
  6. The best way to find backers is via a multi-year winning real money track record at a real money trading firm. It blows me away anyone would ever fund a trader based on a non- real money trading record ala simulated, hypothetical, play money, paper trading etc.

  7. Become an ET sponsor. For a few lousy bucks you get the licence to kill and maim and tamper with the survival of families where the wife and kids don't know what the hubby has gotten into but they hurt and suffer in silence as the driver sells his soul to another driver who can't drive.
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    good for the money bad for the soul
    are you talking from personal happening

    the best way to get capital is to give some guarantees
    i told my investor give me 50000 I will guarantee you no bigger loss than 5 % because I was going to take my account and fill in the loss if it happened
    my account had only 10000 and I would transfer it if lose should happen

    if loss doesn't happen I continue to play with 50000
    give some gurantee and get capital otherwise only fool will invest in you or mafia
  9. If a person's strategies etc. are good enough, can't the person just make enough money doing it to back himself?

  10. That's easy for you to say and do - the investor worked hard for HIS money and he has a wife and kids in the background - and he is going to place his faith in someone who cares doodly about him or his family but rather his own pockets - its the way of the world and it stinks.

    If you were any kind of man at all you would just borrow the capital and take your shot on your own and reap or suffer the result - without injuring or causing harm to other individuals who place their trust on a shoestring.

    AXIOM #1: Those who cannot trade, seek clients.

    AXIOM #2: All women fuck but the ones who have money are better than the ones that don't.

    AXIOM #3: A midget smells things differently in a crowded elevator.
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