How to find a mentor?

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  1. I read a magazine a guy said he found Linda Bradford Raschke as his mentor when he started trading. Does anyone know how much would it cost? Anyone tried other mentors? Please share your experience.
  2. Start by reading the interview with Linda in Market Wizards.
  3. The best mentor will work with you for free. There motivation is different from those who ask for money, they are more interested in the process as a self satisfying thing for themselves. They are also secure and successful enough to not milk it as a commercial venture. What they look for is how committed you are. Just my personal experience so far.
  4. Whether you think you can or you can't, you're already right! :)
  5. If you really know someone like that tell him I would like to talk to him .
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  6. If you do a search, their is a recent thread regarding mentor's that's pretty good. I think Scientist did a reply on how he got his mentor as well as many other comments.
  7. Do you want to be my mentor?
  8. I am not such a good networker and communicator .
    I am fairly experienced but I know there is a vast knowledge and experience hidden from the public view. I also know there must be guys who got burned trying to help out others.
    If someone is looking for a experienced trainee , also a positive person I promise I will be a good student. I will pay a% of a future profits from your method. I am serious.
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    Which is why most experiences with mentors don't work out, i.e., you're looking for a mentor for the wrong reasons.

    The best mentor isn't going to train you to trade some method or other. He's going to teach you how markets work, how to develop and test your own plan, how to trade that plan consistently and flawlessly. Only in this way will you be able to make adjustments to the plan as time passes and conditions change.
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