How to find a Mentor for swing trading?

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  1. Help! How can I find a trading mentor?

    I've been trading & breaking even (pretty much) for 4 months. There is so much to learn!

    I've been reading about technical analysis and fundamentals, but have a long way to go before I can implement these concepts effectively. It would be great to find a mentor to speed up the process.

    Anyone have suggestions on how to find a local mentor?

    I live in Martinez, California, which is near San Francisco.


    - Deb Trader
  2. Would you mind commuting to San Francisco?

    Former Chairman of CBOT is a partner in a company down there, I'm not sure you can get in with your experience but they hire traders there...

    I thought it was Nextrade or something like that...

    Do a Google search under "Patrick Arbor"

    You'll find the name of the company in 1-2 pages.

    Good luck!
  3. It's RateXchange

    not nextrade... got the X right....

    :D :D :) :)
  4. Someone suggested a mentoring site to me called

    I haven't tried it yet, but thought others might be interested. I was told you could get a couple of months free to try it out.

    - Deb Trader
  5. Debtrader....
  6. Debtrader...

    what are you "swing trading" ?

    Are there T/A classes out your way like they have here at the Merc? ? Call the Exchange out there and ask them.
  7. I'm trading plain old stocks, usually the $10 and under range.

    There must be T/A classes out here, which would be great. I live in suburbia though, so it can take an hour to commute to SF or Oakland or Berkeley, which is where they probably offer classes like that. I checked my local college, but no luck.

    - Deb Trader
  8. Deb...

    in keeping with our earlier dialogue... is ONE hour or so worth it?

    I spent almost two years commuting from north suburb into downtown Chicago (CME) attending classes often during cold winters. There is zero doubt that I could have traded for over 15 years without having done that. Trading errors made over the years have almost always been in disregarding basic learning from those classes, although I have read much, attended several seminars, had a mentor and worked my a** off since then.

    IF someone was seriously "tired of breaking even', one might even consider flying into Chicago to take classes at CBOE and CME... and stay in motel if they had to! Just giving a "for instance" of what one "might do" if they were super dedicated to the goal of very sucessful trading. Obviously not all would or could do that; and weather in SF is much better than here, usually. <smile>

    I also swing trade equities/stocks.. and would be happy to keep an ongong communication via pms or aol I/M (which i currently do not have). I like to "exchange" ideas since I cannot follow/locate every advantageous opportunity, i.e., gaps, significant volume, breakouts, reliable continuation patterns and the like.

    I focus on a handful of stocks and trade them repeatedly via options typically, so as to thereby become intimately aquainted with their "personalities" ! Not unlike a floor trader on CME who spends his life with pork bellies such that when he/she leaves the exchange, cannot stand to look at a BLT sandwich!

    Let me know

  9. nitro


    They have swing trading courses at the MERC and CBOE?

    Do you have a link to those? I guess I can just call them on Monday.

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