How to fight stagflation?

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    Hi all,

    I have to draw on the wisdom of you guys. I don't remember much from the 70s. Anything that I remember certainly is not economy related.

    If stagflation indeed is coming our way, what will you do to counter it? Buy commodities? Foreign stocks? What you think will work?
  2. cant answer since you alone know your tolerance for risk.......

    but the Fed seems not to give a shit about the Dollar so take it from there
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    To be honest with you, if the US is tanking, will the rest of the world hold up? I don't know. Right here, right now, I think the rest of the world will tank with US, but that probabiliy is smaller for each year passing by.

    Only if there is a Mars economy that I can invest in...:)
  4. They will do their level best to make their currencies cheaper, too.

    Its a race to the bottom and we are in the lead.
  5. During the 70's stagflation period, which asset classes appreciated the most? Does anyone know?
  6. i want to know about this too

  7. Gold and defensive stocks; military; and consumers staples.

    More money for the military.
  8. the 73 - 74 bear market cratered everything but that then lead to skyrocketing bonds yields in the early 80' first car note carried a 20% interest rate for a 4 year term

    30 year treasury yields were 15%

    mortgage rates went to 12-14%

    so things can get worse...much worse
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    home prices did pretty well during the 1970s, went up nearly 3x. Wonder if people were calling bubble back then too?
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