How to expand your trading?

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    Something on my mind since a couple of month's:

    I have a methodology that works consistently since years. I want to expand my trading to other markets and countries and I need to setup an office and a workplace so that other people can be employed working with my methodology. How can I 'protect' my methodology against employees copying it and go on their own after the training they have had from me?
  2. Write your strategy in into an algo and allow your other traders access to the algo to use, but don't allow them access to the code. This is getting pretty common and we use it at my shop as we can't watch the market 24/7.
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    I thought about that... the challenge I see is that although I can 'hide' some part of the tradingsystem as a programme that they can use, I still need to teach them the 'context'.

    Let me give an example: Let's say you use an indicator as a trigger to buy or sell something. Many indicators can do the same things. RSI, Williams%, CCI, and so on. It is knowing in advance when it will work and when it will not work that is part of the context. So even if I hide what ever mechanical trigger I use, I still need them to teach about the context. And when they know that, they can say to them self: "Wait a minute, I know the context, let's see if any indicator will work for triggering the trade" and of they go...
  4. "Knowing in advance" when it will work. So you need to add into the algo negative properties. If you can define your scenario, write it out, you can likely build it.
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    Okay, thanks.

    I'm going to talk to somebody with more computer and programme knowledge then myself to see if the 'context' can be programmed or at least put in some parameters about the 'context' so I do not have to explain the 'contect' to someone else.

    If someone else have another idea or route, i'm open for suggestions...
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    I consider myself an amateur programmer, however I have successfully coded context in easylanguage. So, yes it can be done, just takes imagination and a fair bit of work though.

    Just find a good programmer - someone you can trust and explain to him as clearly as possible what you mean by context. After a few iterations, and few disappointing round of results, you will begin to see improvements.
  7. Just automating your exits will reduce your work load.

    This may be all you need.....