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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by richk, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. richk



    I am trading for some time, and I would like to make some evaluation of my trading . I have basic Excel journal and I do also basic statistics fo my trading (P/L, nr. of winning trades, nr. of losing trades, etc).

    But I would like to learn more about evaluation of trading to allow me find best / worst type of trades.

    I do no trade any mechanical system.

    Could you point me to some good web pages describing how to evaluate trading journal and how to read results of such evaluation and also how to use results to improve trading ? Or some book with such topic/content ?
    Is there in the world something like this ?

    Thank you for replies,

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    The Master Profit Plan by Vad Graifer. Complete trading plan from A to Z, with forms and detailed explanation of the way to structure your trading and troubelshoot it, trading journal and much more. Loved the book, absolute must for beginners and very useful for the first-second year traders.
  4. svrart



    Ive had the same problem. Not a comprehensive list but here are things you can look at -
    number of consecutive losses
    losses larger than a set amount
    stop violations if any
    percentage equity change on a weekly basis.
    leveraging / deleveraging in win / lose streak.

    I am trying to build a rule for myself based on the number of consecutive losses but have not been able to so far.

    If anyone else has other suggestions I would also be interested.
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    Care to elaborate?
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    Forget it.

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    Why? You make berating comment, why don't you take responsibility for it and tell the world what it was based on?
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    Based on garbage. What part of GARBAGE DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?

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    OK, it's clear that you haven't even read it. You just run around the board spewing venom. One can see it easily just by reading your last 5 or so posts.

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