How to Download IB Activity to Software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by RedSun, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. RedSun


    How do you download daily activities from IB to MS Money or Quicken? The activities are mostly futures, and the downloads do not make much sense. Because of the daily MtM?

    Or have to use other software?
  2. Catoosa


    I export each days trades from the TWS "trades window" to a windows folder. I have to then edit the transaction code of each trade to match the codes used by my Captools software before importing the trades files into Captools. This has worked great for me for many years of using Captools.
  3. DT1


    I now use 'see finance'. The only software i have ever use that imports accurately ib ofx files. I don't trade futures but if you have issues do not hesitate to email the developer. They fixe issues quickly and are keen to add new features requested by customers.
  4. rwk


    I download my daily and monthly statements in an XML format Excel can read. Then I copy the "Trades" section into an Excel spreadsheet and save that.
  5. DT1


    I started using excel but i wanted a personal finance software. It is cheap and i like being able to download all my accounts in a single tool.
  6. vicirek


    It is a problem especially around tax time.

    I had to develop my own file parser from Quicken format that does correct reporting suitable for tax schedule (Canada).

    None of the formats currently in use are good for modern times when there might be thousands of transactions and financial software has its limitations or excessive cost.

    Excel comes close to be the best but then there is a lot of manual adjustments to be made (splits, going long/short etc.)
  7. JamesL


    Only works on MACs?
  8. vicirek


    What is MAC? Never heard of it.