How to download EOD data from Yahoo?

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  1. I have a spreadsheet of all the 4000 nasdaq stocks and their closing price information for the last 50 days...

    Every day I copy and paste (from my 20 portfolios at finance yahoo) the closing prices into my spreadsheet...

    Is there a way I can automate this, some sort of MACRO or something?
  2. Subscribe to EOD FTP or NAQ EOD FTP. Much easier and not too expensive.

    Good luck.
  3. gms


    in Excel:

    Data > Get External Data > New Web Query

    in "Enter the Address", input:

    and add each ticker connected to the next with a plus sign. For example, if you wanted to download the data for IBM Gillette and CMGI:

    Under "2." Tick "One or more specific tables" and enter 16 in the textbox. Yahoo changes this from time to time. Sometimes it's 22. This will download just the data you're interested in and not everything on the page.

    Under "3. How much formatting" Tick "None". You'll download the data without the hyperlinks and page colors and all that stuff, it will just be the data in cells so you can work with it.

    Save Query.

    There may be a limit as to how many you can download at once. Just repeat the macro process in another cell as many times as you need to.

    Thinking more about this, you can probably assign the URL to your yahoo portfolios to the macro and download direct from your portfolio page. Try inputting that URL in the macro and see what happens (don't use the table 16 setting, it may not be applicable to that page)
  4. Your post was probably the most imformative post of the year for me! Thanks so much...setting this up (following your directions) is going to be my weekend project....thanks again!
  5. is there a way to call that lookup function from any windows program (like an activeX control or something)?

  6. Bob111


    you can subscribe for some data services(about $10-20 month) with scaners and all that stuff or learn it hard way-write a macros or(if you know a vba aready) write stand alone application in vb for it.
    there is plenty of info about it on this forum.

    hint-you can download data from here-

    in excel format for any period of time and any stock. all you have to do is build a loop and change symbol and from \to time period for each stock.

    btw-there is much less tickers on nasdaq than 4K
    you can find full list here-

    3545 companies currently listed
  7. tcosync


    Check out

    Free EOD download from Yahoo i.e. no monthly data fees. Try the demo to see if it suits your purpose. The last I checked, Yahoo does not adjust its data for splits etc. so that may be a drawback compared to the paid services.
  8. Bob111


    on link i provided on my previous post, data from yahoo split adjusted. looks like there is still plenty of people, who interested in such software. maybe on weekends i will make little application for it to refresh my skills. it will be free of any charge))))))
  9. Swipe


    How do you get the data for 10 stocks and have it list the 20 day high?

    How can I learn to do this?
  10. Use an application like Microsoft Access to create queries of whatever you want.

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