How to dollar-cost average this bear market - surefire can't lose approach

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Cutten


    10% at S&P 850
    10% at 750
    10% at 650
    10% at 550
    10% at 450
    10% at 350
    10% at 250
    10% at 150
    10% at 50
    10% at 10

    Ok, I admit the slight flaw is if we hit 1 then you're kinda fucked.
  2. You'd be living off venison and creek water long before it hits 1.
  3. MTE


    :D Good one!
  4. i posted this same strategy weeks ago except mine involved hookers and blow.
  5. You are assuming the market will find a bottom then snap back to new highs.

    We could range sideways for a very long time and your money is at risk while returning nothing.

    Not too brilliant.

  6. Cutten


    It was a joke, relax.
  7. dtan1e


    i mst be the joke then bc its quite close to what i'm doing right now only of course i got an uncle point somewhere
  8. Double up to make up all the way down.....the American dream of investing. I hope this bear market is not the one that goes on for a decade....since we just lost a decade fo investments in 12 short months.
  9. How brilliant! :D

    It's unfortunate that when the pundits speak of the "Great Depression", they limit their conversation to 25% unemployment rate as opposed to the Dow's 95% nosedive from 400 to less than 30. So you do the math: A 95% freefall from an all-time high of 1565 for $SPX would leave us dangling with a pistol to our head at 78. Hallelujah!

    Well, I s'pose you could still double up at 50 and 10 before shooting yourself. :D
  10. If we hit 10 we'll be living in another Stone Age (or post-apocalyptic wasteland)!
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