How to do this in TradeStation and WealthLab?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mizhael, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I want to count historically, what's the frequency of Nasdaq gain for a consecutive 6 days and then lose on the 7th day...

    How many occurrence in the past, etc.

    Can TS or WL do this?

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  3. Please show me some code, so I could decide with which one to go...
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    nah...i'm too lazy..last time i use WL it's like years ago..TS-years and years..:)
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    here is the quote from WL help file for CumDown Function-

  6. Okay! So you gave up?

    What are the software that you are using now?
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    no...i didn't give up..WL or TS not flexible enough and slow for me.i'm using good old VB6 right now.
  8. So you code everything by yourself and from scratch. I can see that you are now stabilizing into a few algorithms/strategies. So you don't need the huge library of those platforms for strategy-discovery... I guess?
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