how to do it.....

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  1. this is how to start if you are serious about forex--- cut thru the BS.......


  2. wow, start your own bank and become George Bailey, I wouldn't want to be around when the bank runs start. I hear Mr. Potter will keep a keen eye on your activities. I doubt Mr. P is handicapped, that wheelchair is a ploy to garner sympathy.

    Its amusing to see those "How to start a Hedge Fund" books at the bookstore, like the general public has the resources to do there's a how to start your own bank. I'm waiting for the "How to become leader of a country without really trying" book.

  3. someone beat you to the idea:

    enjoy !

  4. I've started my own religion, which I've found to be much more fun, and more flexible, than a country.

    Send me your address and I will promptly have one of my disciples pay you a visit.

    In your PM also include your net worth - we've found it difficult to save/convert anyone with a net worth below US$100,000. We do make exceptions for young, impressionable girls however. If you fit that description we might be able to work something out.:p

  5. Thanks but I'll pass, I've seen those "new religions" end badly be it via Kool Aid or "getting prepared" for some comet thingy.

    As for the country thing, well this review is interesting from

    Reviewer: Cory (see more about me) from Milton, Ma United States
    I found this book to be quite entertaining, I myself started my own country with the help of this book (The Principality of Saint Corjimia). Although this book is wirtten with em' big words and all, its a great read. I also noticed you get funny looks when reading this book in public.

    Nurse Ratched!!! Chief is invading my country!!!!:(