how to disable antivir update popup ?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Wallace, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. there's an extremely annoying taskbar popup stating 'it's 3 days since last update'

    how do i permanently disable this popup ?
  2. Just update the virus definitions every day or you can be first on your block with a new virus.
  3. Catoosa


    Avira has a very fast data base update. If you are three days behind the curve, run the update and be glad you got the warning. I do not know how to disable the pop-up.
  4. The next time the window pops up go to task manager (ctrl-alt-del) and write down the name of the program that is running. Look at processes. If you right click the program in task manager it shows the path to the program. Then find the program and rename it, maybe put the word "old" in front of the file name so you can undo the change. Now when the antivirus program looks for the program it won't find it.

    you can use regedit(if you know what to find) or msconfig to to stop it from loading in the first place.
    Once you shoot up msconfig,you'll be amazed at how many programs has been running background out of your knowledge
  6. wouldn't you know it but it can be disabled via the program !

    thanks to ' RejZoR ' on
    " go into config menu, under General select Security and increase
    "Alert, if last update older" option from 3 to some higher, like 7 days."

    i turned it off completely otherwise it was popping up every hour
    i only update once a week which i find sufficient
    i've no great faith in av programs since a virus like virut.gen can
    get past them disabling many programs, sometimes the av, and
    the only thing to be done is format the drive

    there may be firewalls or spyware etc programs that can prevent
    such viruses from installing but i'm not aware of them stating what
    they can or cannot block
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    Hello there. I would advocate running AV updates bi-weekly on any AV suites of note. Kaspersky, Norton and McAfee all have weekly updating. When a new or modified threat enters the wild updates may be issued within hours of an increased threat.
    I used to concern myself with machine resources being undermined by multiple running processes. I can afford powerful machines now and AV applications use very little of my current desktop machines processing power.
    Formatting a drive is the resort of desperation by novice users, an important installation should be backed up to another drive as an image or clone or to spindle media as image.
    Most threats can be removed from MS platforms with ease (though much tedium) using free or relatively cheap tools.
    My employers paid me to infect machines with various malware and report the results. Keyloggers are not as common as I thought.
    MAC users should not be complacent, attacks by financially motivated hackers are on the up, Sophos are taking a lead no doubt with a view to establishing a foothold.
    I would be surprised to learn that any of you make trades on a machine used for casual browsing or research. If you are familiar with Server 2003 or 08 you will know that default internet use is lockdown and you will need to allow each and every address unless you disable that function.
    Hardware is now so cheap you could be using incremental twice daily backup to allow the quickest recovery.