how to disable anoying tws feature?

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  1. just reloaded new version tws, has feature I'm sure many like but I find annoying, when I try to type in limit or stop price, a pick and choose ladder appears.

    I don't like it because it blocks other data,and is just generally annoying to me and is too close to the typed price.

    anyone know how to disable it?
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    Please uncheck "Auto Show Price/Size Ladder" checkbox in Configuration - Display - Settings; this option is present in build 923 and newer. Thanks.
  3. ok, thanks, that was easy
  4. ok, except I have disabled it and 90% of the time it doesn't work, but about 10% of the time it reappears. I don't know who you guys have programming for you.

    Also, I called and told the lady that answered the phone that ever since I reloaded the new build that my account window and charts always reappear in a pre defined place on my screen, regardless of where I had previously set them.

    I have clicked on "save settings" and closed with them where I want them, but if I close the account window (which I have set up where I want it) or close any charts (which I set up where I want them so I can see what else is going on) they always re appear where IB thinks they should be.

    The IB lady told me, "Yeah, that's a problem with the new build, there's nothing you can do about it. Hopefully they will fix it in the new build."

    What kind of an answer is that? What kind of bozos do you have writing your code?

    I've been a long time customer of IB, but you need to get some traders writing instead of outsourcing to cheap labor someone who has never put on a trade, and doesn't even know what a trade is.
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    When you check that checkbox the behavior is exactly how it use to be - when you press and hold the mouse cursor in the field the price ladder appear; if you simply want to activate the editor on the price (without the price ladder) so you can type the price manually, you need to click (not click and hold) in the field.

    If you observe any change in behavior as compared to previous builds - please PM me with details, and I'll look further into this.
  6. I trade on a laptop, I don't have a mouse
  7. ok, I'll give you that one, I see how it works, if I still have a finger on the pad then yes, it shows the ladder, could be a nice feature once you figure out how and when to use it, thanks for the reply and clarification, sorry, my mistake
  8. otherwise, when I was trading really close, I just set up hotkeys to do everything for me

    When it came to price
    U was up
    D was down

    when it came to size
    M was more
    L was less

    And when the whole world was going to hell, all I had to do was press "X" and that got me flat.
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    This (old) behavior has been restored in just posted TWS build 924.1e. Thank you for being proactive and reporting this problem to our customer support.
  10. This general subject of never-ending and largely pointless upgrades is a source of frustration to many longtime users. TWS has become so larded up with features few use that it is difficult to find things when you do need to change something.

    Also, it is unsettling that so many things seem to work inconsistently, the supposedly automatic futures rollover for example.

    I wish you would consider building an alternative "anvil" version of TWS, with basic features, kind of like the original but anvil-solid. Then don't change it ever.
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