How to directly access MLS database?

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  1. Anyone know how you can hit it remotely over the web? How much it costs?

    Whener I google it, I always get realtors who claim to have it online but really don't, just their own listings...

  2. I've read about some companies that provide a web-based link into the MLS system, but didn't really look into it since we have MLS access at our office.

  3. It is only accessible to "realtors".
    The real estate business and their usual 6% commission rate is the biggest fraud out there.

    Funny thing is, it keeps going.

    Blame it on dumb American home sellers who are so eager to get their hands on the money, they don't mind parting with 6% of their house's value.

  4. I think it's GREAT :D

  5. MR.NBBO


    What types of data are you looking for?-There might be other ways to get it.

    As far as basic MLS info....(ie hunting down your own house, or finding comparables for valuation), just go to
  6. MLS in Canada shows their listings:

    I agree, 6% is far too much to pay to sell your house. Maybe 6% was reasonable when most people spent less than a years salary for a house but that's rarely the case anymore. There is a little competition finally showing up though with some charging as low as 3%.

    Most people are afraid to buy direct from another person thinking that the real estate company will protect them from a bad deal or defective home. The real estate agent offers little protection.

    Why wouldn't someone just buy a house directly from another person? They could just buy title insurance which is actually safer than having the lawyer search the title. They could spend a couple of hundred dollars for a professional home inspector to make sure that the house was sound. A home inspector won't have any bias, he'll get paid whether you buy the house or not.
  7. and also a home inspector's only liability is to repay those $100-$200 in case there is something seriously wrong with the house (and it went unnoticed ...)
  8. The problem is...
    Since it is the 'seller' who's paying the commision, buyers have no incentive to deal directly with sellers.

    Because many realtors then blow their money competing against each other for commissions using huge advertising, for-sale-by-owners have no ability to compete for buyers.

    Many 1st time buyers actuall DO need hand holding and information on procedures, obtaining loans, contracts, etc.

  9. thx for thr reply, gents...

    i'm trying to buy property. i've borrowed as much as i can while rates are low.

    problem with is that the listings are not updated when the properties are sold/under contract. thus it can lag by weeks...
  10. bung, depending on where you are located, some local realtors may have services (not tied to that show properties. In my area (Chicago), Baird Warner sends me an email every night of all the new properties listed or updated that day meeting my criteria. They also keep tabs on what goes under contract fairly will depend on your area however.
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