How to deal with those non-Americans messing with threads on American National Intere

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fairplay, Jan 19, 2003.

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    there are a few non-Americans who from their cross-Atlantic comfort (never mind if they are in reach of Saddam's WMD) who keep on pestering us with disturbing questions and quotes.

    The question now is: should we still allow them to disturb our adult conversations or should we have them banished from our chitchat forums
  2. Heh-heh. The heat in Indonesia must be getting to you Fairplay.:)

    You cannot claim that your freedom to expression is being denied here as noone is stopping you from posting your opinions. We merely ask that if a thread is created for Americans to discuss a certain issue among themselves that you respect it. Nothing is preventing you from starting a thread of your own, for example "International Opinions on Iraq" for example, OR CONTINUING TO POST ON CANDLE'S THREAD! So don't try to play the wounded, discriminated against foreigner here.
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    Your comments just go to show that you whinge with disgust over the fact that even low lives like myself open their mouths on issues, which only you and the likes of you call unfit for us.
    Perhaps you should at long last recognise the simple fact that if someone in Jakarta takes some action (be it due to heat or otherwise!) it may have repercussions elsewhere.

    Perhaps also you should know that during colonial times in Jakarta - which our Dutch masters in those days gave the horrific name "Batavia" - there was a social club by the name of "Harmonie" (have a look:. The specialty of that club was that when the Baas wanted to get drunk, he only had to knock on the table where he was sitting, and from down below came a brown hand with his refill.

    Now, wouldn't it be nice if you had such a discussion thread? "Knock knock""Who's there?" "Fairplay with some comments"

    That sort of "harmony" is something that I can easily do without. And I do hope that it is people like me (an hopefully also Mr Wild) who will serve as a constant reminder to you that there is no "splendid isolation" in this world.
  4. Fairplay, I am being completely honest here and it is not my intention to be sarcastic: I honestly cannot understand why you are so upset. Have you been denied by Baron or Babak or ET in general the right to state your opinion?!? NO!

    Furthermore, I do not consider you a low-life, and I do not think the issue is unfit for you. I absolutely disagree with most of your views and Wild's methods of delivering his views, but I do not consider you beneath me in the least (although it does bother me that you refer to yourself as a "gook" so often.) You have your opinion, Wild has his, I have mine, Rs7 has his, trader556 his, etc. etc. - AND WE HAVE ALL EXCHANGED THOSE OPINIONS ON CANDLE'S THREAD. We are STILL exchanging those opinions!

    Again, I ask the question: What is wrong with a thread for Americans to discuss the Iraq issue among themselves? You and Wild are more than free to create your own thread, and if you choose to make it a discussion among Europeans and Asians, that is your prerogative.

    To show the sincerity of my words, I have asked my Indonesian friend to help me: Ndak marah mas, lebih baik kalau halus, saya orang yang halus dan terkabalangkang.

    This is the best that I can do. If you choose to doubt my sincerity, I cannot help it.

    Anyway, the thread I started - - (for those of you interested), has had little participation. It would seem the other Americans prefer to continue arguing with you and Wild anyway! So, if it makes you feel any better, consider yourself the "winner."
  5. Well, mind as well stop posting about Iraq and talk about domestic problems...
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    Why would you want to hear about my family if there's a war coming?
  7. fairplay,

    You are always welcome on my thread... the majority of the civilized world is united against American foreign policy (and by implication, is also united against those who vote in the policymakers)... it is refreshing to have views from all corners of the planet...

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    anyone interested in a Muslim fundamentalist (MF) gay Nazi anti-American pro-Iraq leftist anti-war terrorist German (= wild) thread on international affairs ?


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    Thank you candle, you are like a light in the darkness
  10. Wow Candle, you found his views so "refreshing" your last post on your own thread was one WEEK ago! Could it be that even you tired of Wild's cut-and-paste marathon?:)
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